Hurt duckling?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by newbabyducks322, Jun 11, 2016.

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    May 31, 2016
    One of my ducklings has fallen onto the floor a few times (she jumps a lot and has managed to jump out of some people's hands, I'm really careful with them but mistakes happen) And out of the two, this one sits more than the other. She walks fine, maybe a little unbalanced but nothing seems to be off. I feed them brewers yeast in their food but I am worried because she sits down a lot more than the other. Is something wrong with her legs from the fall? Will the brewers yeast help with any problems? Or is this a normal thing with young birds? She is a black swedish duckling and the other is a pekin.
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    Does it hurt her when you gently move her legs?
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    Make sure her legs and hips are not broken or look misshapen, compare with the other ducklings. she could also have a little sprain of perhaps some bruising of the muscle or bone.
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    She may have some problems from the injuries. Those can take a long time to heal. How old are they? I would give daily tub time (water same temperature as the brooder) for five to ten minutes - deep enough that she can float but also can stand up - so, just to the tops of her legs. Watch carefully to see how she moves her legs in the water. It will take weight off the legs and may help strengthen her legs, also.
  5. Where are you located??
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    Ducklings bones are very fragile. Our Muscovy broke his leg as a baby (he was running after me in the backyard and took a tumble) and it was $$$ to get him splinted and mended. Thankfully they also heal fast. I'd suggest not picking her up high off the ground anymore. When you hold her, do it very securely - you are stronger than a wiggly duckling. One more bad fall can be a broken bone. (And Amiga has great advice. Just want you to know hat broken bones happen easily on these little ones so be extra careful. No kids handling her, sit on the floor if you have them in your lap, etc.)
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