Hurt foot!


8 Years
Feb 9, 2013
I noticed yesterday that my sweet little runner, Stella, was relaxing in the shade a little more than usually. But I didn't them much of it. It was a hot day. But this morning when I let them out for breakfast I noticed her limping. I checked her foot and noticed two small spots on her middle "toe". It looks like she might've been poked by a small stick or something. That foot feels a little warm to me compared to her other foot. I took a pic with my phone so I could show you what I mean. I just came inside to get a clean wet rag and neosporin. Is there anything else you would suggest I do. When they were a few weeks old, two of my girls scrapped their feet on thick pine shavings in the brooder. Neosporin and rest worked wonders in just a couple days.
I soaked her foot in salt water for about 5-10 mins and patted it dry. Then, I put neosporin cream on it. This pic is before the neosporin. Now I'm REALLY worried because after I cleaned it up it looked a lot like bumble foot to me. I'm reading as much as I can about it right now. I let her go back with the flock after I put meds on her foot but I know she's going to get more mud on her foot. Right now, I dont have a way to keep her inside so her foot stays clean. All I have to wrap it with is gauze and med tape. Or possibly a baby sock. But I feel like that would just soak up more mud. Do you think she'll be ok staying with the flock without wrapping her foot if I clean and apply med 3-4 times a day??
Looks like Bumble, Haunted 55 did an good thread on treating her ducks with bumble using decolorized iodine here is the link if she has heat and swelling she may need to be on oral antibiotics.
I have been treating a chicken with bumble using this treatment and what I have been doing is cleaning her foot each evening then applying the iodine and putting her to bed. [roost] if you use the iodine I'd do it this way also so she keep the foot from getting wet through the night. make sure the non colorized iodine is dry before putting her down to walk
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I'll check out that link Miss Lydia. Thank you!
Luelromun, I just noticed her laying down more often yesterday but she wasn't limping. Then, this morning as soon as I let them out of the house I noticed her limping.

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