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Dec 25, 2014
i currently have a bantam Old English who has a leg that is not broken, but she doesn't stand on it. I'm guessing it's sore but I'm not too sure. It happened when one of my standard roosters tried to mate with her and squished her a little. I'm not sure how to treat it though. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help!!
Put her in a rabbit cage or similar small pen where she can't be running around and jumping on it, and also it will keep her safe, both from the rooster and other members of the flock and also predators, because a lame chicken can attract predators such as hawks. You can give her a baby aspirin crushed up and sprinkled on a cut up grape or mixed in any kind of treat or soft food, two or three times a day. You can also soak the sore leg in an Epsom salts warm bath. They like this. Now they make an Epsom salts soak with lavender in it. I tried that tonight on my two hens that are both lame. They seemed to like it very much, and the lavender made them pretty calm and laid back, lol. Anyway, your hen needs to rest the leg. Depending on how bad it is, it can take anywhere up to six weeks for to make a significant recovery. But probably not that long, if that's how she hurt it and it's not a result of something else.

Also make sure that if she is in a small pen or cage, that it has netting or small spaced wire to keep predators out.
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