hurt or eggbound

Slightly spraddle legged you mean? How long has it been since she's laid an egg? She's not really acting egg bound. Pick her up and feel her lower abdomen, see if her lower body feels swollen at all, as if she's got fluid build up. That often causes them to walk a bit spraddle legged and their toes will even turn in when it gets bad.
Eggbound hens aren't usually as active as the girl in your video. Have you checked her feet? There might be a sore on her pads. She also might have sprained a leg jumping off the roost. It could even be neurological. Let us know how she does over the next couple of days.
ive checked her feet theres a purple sore like marks but thats a berry she stepped on the other day besides it on the opposite foot thats hurt. ill keep you informed on how she is doing
Ok, so if she's laying each day then she's probably not egg bound. She doesn't appear to be acting like she is. If you think she's feeling swollen in the lower body then there is probably something else going on. Ascites is a fluid buildup in the abdomen that can have several causes, anything from egg yolk peritonitis to a circulatory/heart problem, none of it comes with a good prognosis. Very difficult to figure out the exact cause without going to a vet and spending big $$$. Been there, done that, I won't do it again.

If that is what is going on the fluid can be drained by a vet, some folks on here do it themselves, not me! Usually antibiotics will resolve or prevent infection. Problem is it usually just keeps coming back.

I would just keep an eye on her for now and see how she does and see if it continues to get worse. I have one hen who retains fluid for an undiagnosed reason and has for about two years now. Her body just deals with it and she keeps going. Another hen I had did the same thing and passed within a couple of months. That one was necropsied and found to have a heart defect.

Good luck with your hen, hope you can figure her out.

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