Hurt -vs- shock?

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    Mar 17, 2014
    My momma hen has been flying out of the brooder coop recently so my initial thought was she may want to take her baby into the big run with the other hens and one rooster. I opened the small door in the brooder to the big run and the baby was the first one out. She followed only to jump on the first hen she laid eyes on. That hen didn't back down at all and they fought for a bit until the rooster came over and jumped on my momma hen and fought her. My only thought was he was protecting the hen she was fighting.

    I feel so bad that I let them out too soon, I don't think she her strength was up enough to protect herself or baby. She was exhausted when I got her. I didn't feel or see wounds or punctures, she's just lethargic, still and not eating or drinking. The baby is fine... but so worried about momma. Is what I'm seeing shock or possible injuries that cannot be seen right now? She still calls her baby to eat and can walk and move around, but is usually very still.

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