Hydration & Nutrition for sick roo


Jul 11, 2016
Hey all. A friend of mine in California has a sick roo. She took him to the ER vet last evening, I think she said he's on Clavamox and also a pain med, for an injury. Vet wasn't hopeful he would make it through the night but he did. He's sitting up today, took a little bread but nothing else. She has syringed him water. I told her to maybe try some watermelon so she's heading to the store now to get that but that's the extent of my good information lol.

Having had no sick birds of my own, this is certainly not my area of expertise. I have given her the info to join the group, and I suspect she will do so but in the meantime, any other thoughts on things she can give him to help with hydration, nutrition, etc. to ensure he's got a fighting chance? Black is a pretty spoiled guy and thankfully, loves to be loved on so he's likely benefitting from the TLC that she and her daughters are dishing out. :)

Any help you guys can provide is appreciated. Thanks so much!
Thanks so much! I've forwarded her the info. As it turns out, she is already a member here, though with her schedule, doesn't log on often and wasn't aware I had posted. She knows now :)

Black is still alive and apparently ate a little bit of bread and dog food. She's still pushing fluids. She said "thank you" for this response...she's going to try the egg and burger.

Really appreciate your response!
I start by tubing warmed fluids at 10-15 ml per pound, wait 60-90 minutes and repeat if crop has cleared or mostly cleared, then again in 2-4 hours.

Thank you.

He is panting now....he's inside, in a cage in the bathroom. It's time for his pain meds again. Could the panting be pain?
Panting or open mouth breathing? Panting is usually fast, like a dog, but open mouth breathing is slower.
So when she got home, he wasn't panting or breathing heavy. There was some blood, but it appears that he was picking at his wound. After giving him his pain meds, he's breathing hard again, but has eaten again. His legs and feet feel warm, not hot. No mucus in mouth.

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