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Oct 1, 2008
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I think I just solved my humidity issue. I am using an acu rite hygrometer. I assumed the unit needed to stay outside and the probe (litttle bulb) gave both humidity and temp. If I understand correctly the whole unit needs to be inside to read humidtiy. The unit itself reads the H? It never said on the directions I recieved.

If someone would like to confirm it would be great.


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May 24, 2008
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I had the same issue--we were keeping the unit outside and the probe inside, and never could get a humidity reading above 45%...then I saw so many pictures of other peoples' incubators with the whole thing inside, and I asked about it and that was confirmed. I was told to put the whole unit inside the incubator, and in between hatchings you need to remove the batteries and let everything dry out.

Since putting the Accurite inside the incubator, I'm getting totally different humidity readings.


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Jan 11, 2007
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You are not the only ones to make that mistake. The probe is only for reading temperature and is designed for home use and the probe would be for the outside when the unit is placed near a window. Most people don't care what the humidity is outside so it is only for temperature.

I use a Fluckers unit. It is small and very accurate for the environment in the incubator and it does not take up very much room. My incubator is small so I value the space saving feature.

Good luck with your new humidity readings.


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SUCH a common mistake and very easy to make.
I had to return the first Flukers I got, but the replacement is great. And I like that you can turn it off when not in use to save the battery.

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