11 Years
Feb 6, 2011
Good Morning!
I have a Brinsea mini adv. incubator and it is small. It constantly reads out the temp. but I have no idea what the humidity is in there. I looked for hygrometers on Ebay and they don't seem too expensive. They were the digital ones. My question is do you place the hygrometer in the incubator and just leave it there or do you get your reading and take it out. Doesn't seem like theres enough room to leave it in all the time. What type of hygrometer is best?


9 Years
Oct 26, 2010
Niagara Region
I use a reptile hygrometer from petsmart. You need to calibrate them. With the turner in the mini, I prop it between two eggs for a couple of hours when I'm around, but remove it when I am at work or sleeping as I am afraid the eggs might bind on it. I weigh my eggs daily and graph to calculate the humidity. When the egg turner is out, there is room for the hygrometer. Some peeps tape them to the clear plastic protion of the bator. I think you could also hang them from the teeth that blocks off the mechanics.

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