I’m letting my duck hatch her own eggs and I have a few questions...


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Jun 4, 2020
Hi! I have a broody Welsh Harlequin duck at the moment and I have lots of questions. We want to keep at least two of the ducklings if/when they hatch, but the rest of them we would like to sell. When should I remove the ducklings we’re not keeping? How should I expect my duck to act if I do remove them? I know that the duckling we keep will need starter feed, but I want to let them stay with their mom and dad. Is it okay if my older ducks eat the starter feed too?

The ducklings are due on June 23, and I’m hoping that all goes well.:fl
Good luck on your hatch! I have a broody WH that expects ducklings that day too. 🥰

I personally think the babies do best when they have a home to go to as day old babies. They can connect with the new family and get the best start if they go as soon as they are fluffed out and recovered from hatching.

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