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Jun 27, 2022
My name is Michele.
Our family raises both chickens, and ducks.
We have had our chickens for approximately two years and our ducks for about three months. I have a question I need some advice on my ducks. We currently have four ducks, two pekins and two black Swedish. Yesterday I went out to the duck run and noticed a stray duck hanging out. It was outside the run I did not try to get in, but stayed very close. When it got dark my ducks & chikens went to their separate houses. The stray duck went to our pond, but came back to the duck run this morning. He/she hasn’t left. Should I try to take him/her in?
I don’t know what kind of duck it is. I’m also concerned it may be a male & if I take it in, will that be too many males for my females?
Just really looking for advice.
I should mention we live in the country & not very likely it waddled to our house from a nearby neighborhood.


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Not alot of experience with ducks, but I do recall in my research reading if I am ever given a new duck or chicken I should quarantine them away from my flock for a few days, just to be sure they aren’t sick.

Plus, I find it odd it just decided to fly into my yard and stay.🤷🏼‍♀️

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