I’m spoiled


5 Years
Aug 26, 2015
Casper Wyo
My husband made me a cabinet next to my coop just for chicken stuff. Unfortunately I choose a perfect height that my 7 year old and his head are about the same. Poor kid hit his head on the corner of it

Maybe I should have my hubby put bumpers on the corner :)
Lucky you with the chicken cabinet! My stuff gets shoved (aka lost) in the shed, still haven't found my nice new leg bands lol.
I have a pretty embarrassing chicken coop building story, too. I replaced the door to my chicken coop, went inside to finish up the hinges, forgot that the new door had a lock on the doorknob. The lock was on the outside, I was not. Thankfully I was able to call a family member to come rescue me, but ended up locked in my chicken coop for 45 minutes.

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