I’ve been skunked. :-(

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Jun 4, 2009
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I well all I can say is all these people must’ve seen me coming from 10 miles away. It started about three months ago, and I went to a “chicken swap“. I saw two lavender Orpington’s there and wanted to buy them but I was on my way to work. I had no cash on me, and of course even if I had I couldn’t take them to work with me.

Needless to say I learned my lesson. Or I thought I had learned my lesson. This past week, or now it’s almost 2 weeks, there were two very pretty young birds, and I bought them immediately so I wouldn’t lose out. Big mistake.

I got them home, and realized almost immediately that they could fly. OK not far but they had all the feathers they needed to fly. I was told they were regular chickens… I think that is a lie. I suspect they may be quail. Heaven knows what I’m going to do with them.

Can someone help me decide what I’ve got? Here’s a picture.
They're still lovely little birds, regardless. Sometimes things just work out. I was given a free mystery chick at the local feed store last year, the last layer chick of the season. A lone chick is a lonely chick, and Dottie didn't make any chicken friends before it was too cold for her to live outdoors. She became a house chicken, a messy house chicken.

BUT she also turned out to be a Prairie Bluebell Egger who gifts me with beautiful eggs. She goes outside during the days (well, until it gets and stays really cold again) and spends her nights indoors in a large dog crate.

I still curse the poultry person at the store for giving me a lone chick -- but I ACTUALLY adore Dottie! Maybe yours will be a mixed blessing, too!
It’s definitely a chicken, I’m not sure on breed. Quail don’t have combs or wattles, and are a more overall round shape. They’re also much, much smaller. Below is a 2 week old quail, and then my 17 week old quail to give you an idea. I think your little chick is still bigger than my tank of a quail, he’s the biggest one I have. Haha

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