i absolutely hate when i have to do this

old geezer

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Sep 2, 2010
cambridge , ny
.in the next couple of days , i have to send 2 of the 4 baby chicks off to their new home at the farm down the road...
....keeping ollie , the chick i saved taking out of broken shell a day early ,and oreo--who looks like a penguin all decked out in a tuxcedo..
.....the other 2 i did not name , and tried not to get attached to them , they have to go ,i just don't have the room , that will leave me with a dozen , and thats pressing the issue a tad.you all know what i mean---dang , dand ,dang...


The Chicken Whisperer
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May 11, 2010
I know how you feel. I found a home for a cockerel who was a bit too rough with his sisters. He was a better looking rooster than the one I kept but I felt his personality was a fatal flaw. I told the fella this rooster would most likely end up dinner due to his aggressive nature. I figured I was sending the rooster to his death. To my surprise the fella I gave the rooster to reported the cockerel was doing fine. After quarantine the newbie was introduced to the flock and immediately chased by the dominant hen. Once she was through with him the cockerel found the dominant rooster looking down at him and learned right quick where his place was in the flock.

So my neighbor is happy with his Jersey Giant and I'm happy the cockerel was spared.

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