I accidentally chickens


Feb 21, 2020
NW WA State
Well good afternoon from the Pacific Northwest!

This morning I woke up listening to the rain and the quacking of the ducks. I was a PNW gal... I woke up “not really a chicken person.”

Well, as happens sometimes, a friend of a friend knew a guy who had an ad on craigslist for some pullets close to laying age and anyway a few hours later I came home with 3 (I hope) ladies.

This is all very new to me but here are the girls (They really are girls right???). They’re in what used to be the duckling run and so far everyone is ignoring each other nicely.

I have to say it’s a lot of fun watching them go from stunned slowmo walk to scratching for worms. And they actually let me pet them!


now I’m off to read about folks with integrated coops.

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