I accidentally clipped both wings of 18 hens, now what?


5 Years
Jul 18, 2014
Having an idiot attack, I clipped a little off of both wings first few flight feathers, Guess what, they are still flying out of coop and getting into street. Now what? Can I cut a little more from one side? cut more feathers from one side? If I can not keep them up, They have to go away so either the county gets them or I get dumplings. Hopefully there is a solution. they just started laying good and then started flying out of the fence which is six foot.
A little bit may not have been enough. You'll need to cut more like half the length of the flight feathers. A strand of anything that looks like they can't land on it may keep them in.
I clip both sides back to the little feathers (forget what they are called) of the flight feathers. Have had no problems.
Some birds require a 'severe' trim. However, you might consider putting wire overhead to prevent escape. Some of your light breed chickens can really get good air time in a gentle breeze even with a trim.
Sorry to wait so late to respond, I have been traveling for a week.

Thanks Amina, I can put a strand of electric wire around the top. Do you not think they will fly over that or is it the case that they always light on the fence and then off. I do not know I have never seen them come out just know they do. It is kind of weird though they wait at the gate at night to be let back in to the roost.

Thank you Den in Pen. I will try to get some pictures when I return home and some guidance on how much more I can cut

Thanks also to theoldchick. I would have a hard time putting something on top not impossible but much work. they roam quite a large section of property, @ 35,000 square feet
Usually with such a high fence, they should be jumping up to the top, landing there, and then going over to the other side. I doubt they are getting over without touching the top of the fence. Not saying they couldn't do it, just that usually they won't do more than is necessary when it comes to flying where ever they want to go. And once they get that bad association with the fence, they will likely be discouraged from trying again. So that combined with clipping a wing should hopefully keep them contained. How much of the flight feathers did you trim off? And what breed of chickens are these?

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