I almost messed up!


14 Years
Mar 30, 2008
I have 2 White Holland toms and a Regal Red tom with 4 WH hens and a BBW hen. The BBW is from last year and my plan was to try crossing her to a WH tom. The year got away from me, in part due to all of the rain and flooding in this area so I figured I'll try next year..

I had some peafowl eggs that I put in the incubator even though I doubted that they were fertile, and I put some turkey eggs in too. I wasn't sure whose eggs they were, but since I had the 'bator going anyhow, I figured it wouldn't hurt. The pea eggs didn't do anything, and only one turkey egg started forming. The turkey hatched on the 19th, right on day 28. I offered the poult to a friend who had a WH x BR poult hatched by her hens about a week earlier, I figured she could see if her hens would accept it. At first she sounded interested (before it actually hatched), then she said she was worried about the age difference. I resigned myself to having a brooder going with just one poult in there, but before I even moved it to the brooder I found two chicken chicks out by one of the pens. There was no mom in site and I have no idea of what the cross is but they looked like day olds and I put them in the brooder along with the poult.

The thing is, I almost gave this poult away, but I am thinking that it's from the BBW hen! Maybe I will get to start my experiment this year? The question is... The poult is yellow so I don't think it would be from the RR tom, but is the father a WH or is it the result of parthenogenesis? Is there any way to tell? It's pretty chunky, whatever it is. I'll see how big it gets before the pre-Thanksgiving processing, and see if I want to hold onto it it do it along with the others. I have gone from resigned to excited!
RR & WH poults are yellow! Will be some time before you might know what it will be. Either way, I would eat it rather than keep it with my breeders. I wish we were flooding this summer!!! We have had the hottest, driest summer ever on recors. Giant 200 year oaks are dying and breaking from being so dry and brittle. Looks like we should be in the 90's by this weekend and maybe some rain! Thank god! We are about 24" behind on rain this year and 60+ days from 103-112 degs. On average, we get about 7-10 days 100+ per summer. Good luck!

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