I am a cayenne pepper believer. We have an EGG!!!! And a question...


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Oct 15, 2009
One of my girls laid her first egg on Sunday. I think it is my white leghorn "pink". I thought something was up when they were all so noisy that morning. I put some Cayenne pepper in their feed on Friday and by Sunday we had an egg! My kids were so eggcited! They couldn't believe it.

The problem is she has now laid 3 eggs all in the same spot...not in the nesting box. In fact right by the hatch door that goes underneath to their run. I am afraid, if they are up and down too much it will fall below and break. So, I guess my question is how do I get her to lay in the nesting box, and not sleep on top of it. I have golf balls in there and their roost is higher then the box.

The nesting box was not in there until about 2weeks ago. They loved their roost, but as soon as the box went in there they huddle on top of it.
This might no help much, but this thread could do a little meaning to you-

If you do have a cracked egg:

Now i can't find that one thread
Sorry, the eggs are white, but my 3yr old daughter named her "pink" because it is her favorite color:)

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