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    Some of you will remember Cookie, the Siamese from this thread:


    I had to take her to the emergency vet this morning. She has not eaten well in a couple days, and yesterday, she did not really eat at all. I force fed her some watered down wet food last night, just to get something in her. She also started drooling. I thought it was a tooth. Called my vet but they had no openings at all today or tomorrow, and suggested the emergency vet. I didn't want her to go all weekend not eating so off we went. Her mouth and teeth are fine. They did bloodwork and x-rays. Her bilirubin is way up, which means liver/pancreas/gall bladder problems. They wanted to do an ultrasound, but that was just out of the budget right now. She got subcutaneous fluids, pain meds and anti-nausea meds, and I have antibiotics to give her in case of a secondary infection causing some of it. I will take her to my vet next week, but I truly fear it is the same thing as my first Siamese--> cancer. She had cancer that got into her liver and had these same symptoms. When she got to this stage, it was not long before we lost her.

    I am just so sad right now. We've only had her two weeks! And she's such a sweet cat. The tears just won't stop.
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    I'm so sorry about Cookie's troubles. We had a doxy/chi cross that had pancreatitis. We did the same thing - antibiotics, pain meds, and canned Science Diet "a/d", which she liked a lot. Hang in there - it's not a death sentence when treated, we just had to crefully watch her diet (no more "treats" from DH's plate!). She lived to about 13 - died of heart failure [​IMG] .
    Hang in there!
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    [​IMG] praying all will be well with cookie.
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    Jul 26, 2010
    Hopeful wishes for kitty.
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    I am so sorry. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Try Denosyl SD4. You can get it online or from a vet (no prescription required). I had a cat who was in very very poor shape, ran bloodwork....liver value should have been 1 to 100 as normal. His was 1600. 10 days of those pills and change of food and he was a new cat.

    And it won't hurt. It just helps liver function.
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    Also, get a flashlight out, crank her mouth open and check for ulcers in her mouth or throat. You can do it yourself.

    The thing with cats is that they don't feel good and they don't eat. Common problem. If they don't eat long enough they can cause problems.....google hepatic lipodosis.

    Or go there:


    consider the cat's background. She is only 5 years old.....has had a single owner and good care her whole life. The stress of being in the shelter and then in a new environment can cause illness. It is more likely than NOT that she does not have the same cancer your last cat has.

    For now, get food down her however possible. Try baby food, chicken, tuna (in moderation), anything yummy she might like. Get those pills and start giving them to her on an empty stomach. They won't hurt and can only help.
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    Quote:I was going to suggest that too.. i had a cat that i had gotten from my brother..he stopped eating from being moved. Same thing happend to my guy ..he died though. [​IMG]
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    It could be hepatic lipidosis, this can happen quickly in cats that don't eat and can be life threatening. The key is getting food into her. And close to the same amount she'd normally eat. You have to stop her breaking down fat.

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