I am getting Goats! Help!

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  1. Well, I am not actuallt getting Goats, but I got the 'OK' to get them. I thinking 3 or less. Like a 2 girls and 1 boys. Could I just keep 2 or 1? What gender would be friendliest? I would love to get them as baby goats, but since I dont have any other Goats to take care of them, it is probably a no go. I am brand new so I just want you guys to try to tell me everything I need to keep and raise goats. Like: housing, area for outside, raising baby goats, feed and water, and etc.

    Thanks you guys! Oh, and just for some people out there; don't worry I am doing my research to make sure I can properly take care of the goats. [​IMG]
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    Have you tried backyardherds.com?
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    There are tons of good threads on goats. Here's one I started not that long ago that has some good info.


    To answer your simplest questions with very short answers just to get you started, goats do not do well alone. Two is good, three is better. As for male/female, depends on what you are wanting them for. If only for pets then I wouldn't go with an intact male, you'd want a wether. If you are breeding them for milk, then 2 females/1 male is good.

    As for housing, they need a nice dry shelter safe from the elements and goat proof fencing. They require hay and forage for a large part of their diet but also some grain and minerals. Hopefully, there are a bunch of goat owners that will chime in for you.
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    I think, and this is JMHO, that wethers make the best pets. No worries about heat/rut cycles, no smell...and the younger, the better. You can find older ones that have been treated great and make great pets, but there's something about baby goats!
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    I'll give you a couple bits of info: Never just one goat. They are herd animals. One would be sooo lonely that the bleating would drive you and everyone else nuts! Goad kids bleating sounds like a human kid crying in pain so believe me, no go. Two is ok but they still make lots of noise, especially as young'uns.

    If you're thinking about 2 girls and 1 boy ... will the boy be a buck or wether? If buck, be prepared for a HUGE stink for most of the year (depends on the breed). When bucks get in rut (in season), they pee all over themselves (head, in mouth, body, etc) to make themselves as stinky as possible to entice the females. If you house the buck with the does, you will never know when to expect babies so you'll need a companion for the buck too. Plus the smell will penetrate the taste of the goat milk which makes it not so delicious.

    If you have a wether (castrated buck), he can stay with the girls no problem. Doesn't go in season.

    There is a lot of information on the internet, and in books available at the library. Instead of people typing long posts giving you this information, you might want to do some research. Learn about the different breeds, then research that breed. Then learn about hoof care, goat nutrition requirements for daily life, kidding, milking, etc. Housing is subjective, depending on where you live and the breed of goat you get. Check with your zoning too to find out what's acceptable. I could write pages and pages of info about our goats, but it really helps the info stick when you have to research it yourself.

    Good luck.
  6. Quote:Thanks for yall's replys. I am guessing 3 is a good number for me. Would they come up to me when they see me and stuff like that, if I raised them from baby goats or they just took up to me? And could I raise 3 goats from babies or would they need a moma?

    ETA: More post, so I kinda did want some baby goats if I do get goats. I don't really care for the milk ethier. I just wanted them as pets really. Hmm [​IMG] this is confusing.
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  7. Ok, I think I can do with out an buck. What gender would be friendlier towards me? And, is there a certain sqr footage rule for inside and outside space?
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    We are raising 5 kids. We got them when they were about a week old. We bottle fed them and they have done just fine without an older goat taking care of them.

    If you want just pets, I would get wethers. They are super friendly and nice with none of the hormonal issues you can have with does and bucks.
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    I would say wethers would be good for you. They are usually cheaper than does or doelings too. You don't have to get them as bottle babies but it would help to get them young. Like 8 weeks or so. You also need to decide what breed you would want. How big do you want them? Do you want a goat with horns?
  10. Ok, so I am thinking as pets I kinda want some Nigerian Dwarf goats. I am kinda confused about what yall are talking about so wethers are castrated male goats and does are plain femals? Also, could I get 3 wethers and keep them together without problems?

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