i am hopeing to get butterstoch call ducks this summer

call ducks

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Mar 4, 2009
waterville , canada
so after a year of looking i have found a breeder that i turst and have good butterstoch call ducks , so it will be one or 2 pairs , and (being in canada the PO does not ship birds ) they will need to be shiped by airlines , wich will cost around 100 or so , so that means those butters will be(for 2 pais of breeder Q) ducks $250 or so
ohh and you want to now the best part MOM DOES not now
but dad does so... And i will (dad since i can't drive not old engh) have to drive 1 1/2 hours 1 way to pick them up at the air port then 1 1/2 hpurs back ,
I know how you feel.. i sometimes will try and slip things like chicks and ducklings past my parents so i wont get yelled at for more animals
But for the most part they are pretty supportive of what i love and do (i am training to become a vet) and we live on a Dairy farm so we have plunty of room

Glad you found the ducks you where wanting! I bet someone will pay big bucks for your eggs once the duckies start laying
Good luck! I just got a pair of butters not too long ago (my first pair of call ducks), and I LOVE my pair! They're so cute and enjoyable to have around!
Keep us updated, and be sure to post pictures when they arrive!
I found mine from a person on here who was looking to part with her pair. Unfortunately, she only had one pair of butters, though. Good luck, you ought to be able to find a pair somewhere! If you post that you want to buy some, I'll bet there's someone on the forum who has a pair to sell.
Mrs. Turbo :

have you tried Darren Smale from Canada? Might be closer and cheaper for you. He also has nice butters and is a really nice guy. [email protected]

thanks , altho there is a breeder that has some 1 1/2 hrs a way from but , will be crossing to pastels because of frtilelty issuse. I now that this is not the breeder that i am getting them from , but belive that she has some of his lines in her breeding program. And thanks agian.
PS. there are a lot of canadians that are wanting darker BLRW's so i am wording if you would be able to do NIPI(?) papers , if so i will tell them.
also have you ever sent butter's up to canada?​
We don't ship to Canada, but do offer to ship to the state line somewhere and it is up to you to get the birds across. We are NPIP. I know Bill Guardhouse lives in Canada and brings birds to the USA to show. He told us he can take home the same number of birds he brings into the USA, but not sure what else he has to do.....might be worth a trip to a poultry show if you can get some birds lined up....the birds at the shows are all tested.

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