I am hoping "it's a boy!" Am I right? I think New Hampshire Red - from Tractor Supply


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Apr 22, 2013
I am a new mother of chickens -- it all started a year or so ago with two ducklings. I thought I'd try chickens this year and I am glad I did. So far they are a blast. I got 6 at Tractor Supply - 3 from one breed/tub and 3 from another. One set of 3 I got from the "all pullet" "high protein egg" tub which were all *supposed* to be female. I don't know the breed name, I didn't pay attention . The other 3 I got from the "New Hampshire Red" tub which said "dual purpose" and the lady at TSC told me that one in 6 were likely male. Can you tell me if this one is a cockerel? I really am hoping so. It is just downright different from the others. The comb is pink, theirs, even the same breed/same age are still yellow, its feet are larger, its feathers look a little different and it acts and sounds different. It is less afraid of me and puts up a real fight when I pick it up. The others seem to follow it, that is to say it seems like it's dominant. I am not imagining these things but I am sure it still could be a girl. Sorry for the ramble!

1st pic is of a pullet, 100% -- she is the same breed, same age. The last three are of what I am thinking is the cockerel.


<-- could these three pics indicate a male?

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