May 23, 2020
Hello RandyRoooo!
Welcome to the fray! Sounds like you have a little bit of an issue on your hands. I am not brave enough to own a rooster or in the wanting to have their crowing at the crack of down or at any other hours of the day mainly more than I am afraid of one. I have a fairly mean pullet who has bitten the stew out of me a few times and drawn blood but one of her sisters has actually taken up for me - her Mama Lol! And she has settled down. She has actually done that for me twice so her sister has nailed her good twice and I believe the entire flock has gotten the message that Chicken Mama does not get bitten by anyone of the flock or the lead pullet will deal with them. They are all nine the same age at 19 weeks and came to me on the same day in the same crate together. Some of them are actually sisters and some are not but they don’t know it and all love one another 99% of the time.
Welcome Welcome and I hope you have the best of luck with your flock and I hope your rooster does settle down so you can enjoy having him without having to cull him or re-home him.
Take care!

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