I am now a hawk chaser - please help


6 Years
Jul 5, 2013
We live near a wildlife area and I am finding myself weekly with hawks in my back yard after my chickens. I can't stay out there all the time. Can someone PLEASE help me with tips for keeping hawks (and believe it or not, an eagle) away from my girls?

We have trees and shrubs and they have their coop, but I am finding them on the ground even after my chickens.

Are they afraid of scarecrows or ANYTHING other than me acting like a banshee?

I keep a livestock guardian dog with my chooks. She does a good job running off the predators, even hawks. I've seen crows chase off the hawks and have heard of people encouraging crows to their property. Also read that a turkey in your flock helps protect from hawks. Best of luck to you.
I think it's around hawk migrating season? You'll see them heavy these weeks.

In recent years, when we've seen one circling high above, my DD and I
will stand in the yard waving slowly with arms out to the sides.

Pinwheels. That's the new addition we've tried this year.
I read about CDs hanging from trees too, but haven't tried them.

We set our pinwheels in thin PVC pipe so they'll stick up out of snow.

( A wild bunny has adopted our girls & has been visiting for a month )

You can give them lots to hide under,
lawn furniture - stick shelters - recycled tire/block/log castles
We made teepees out of bamboo one season.
Google "survival hut" and you can get ideas for shelters that
will blend in with the landscape. Best of luck.
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Thank you!! I have tried cds but they don't seem to do anything. I will put our deck chairs out in the grass. Yes, I have been out there as a "monitor".

Thanks so much.


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