I am on day 13 and 15 on incubated eggs and have questions


9 Years
May 14, 2010
North Edwards, CA
Okay I have the majority of my eggs with an expected hatch date of June 12th. Some of those eggs were shipped and some bought locally. Then I have some expected to hatch on June 14th in the same incubator and those are shipped.

My questions:

1. The air sacs on the shipped eggs are large. Some eggs appear to have a half of the egg being an air sac and some maybe a third but yet I do see movement in those eggs. Which leads to question 2

2. Okay with the movement I am seeing in these eggs there is a round black thing and shadows of something moving in there which I take is the chick. They don't seem as big as what I thought they would be at this time. I can see blood veins pretty good in these.

No I didn't wait 24 hours before putting these eggs in the incubator I only waited a half a day which may have been a mistake I don't know.

It is a new incubator and I cleaned it real good even though. The eggs were clean when I put them in the incubator and the few times I have candled the eggs I washed my hands first (as I do even before I turn the eggs).

My temps were fluctuating quite a bit in the original location I had my incubator and so I moved it to a dark room where the temps are pretty steady and now the humidity and temps are pretty steady. It was like 3 or 4 days into incubating the eggs when I moved my incubator.

In the past whenever I incubated eggs they were from my own chickens and the air sacs were normal

I have some lavender orp eggs in there that has the largest air sacs but I am encouraged because there is movement in there. Almost 2 weeks and time has really went by fast.

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