I am prepared to be screamed at(via typing) and smacked(via cute little faces on here) have ivermect

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    question for chicken dosage. Have not used in couple of years and vet instructions have dissolved(literally) from bottle. I have a bottle of Ivomec(cattle/swine/injection type/assume oil based cause my fingers got all greasy!!) and I can't remember how much to dose orally and have read where it can be used topically(on skin) and all I read are contradictory things from people that seem to know what they are typing but??????? CAN it be used topically and IF so HOW MUCH??????? I am doing preventative(the part where people will probably scream at me) as I have a new hen(very old, no history, had her quarantine 2 weeks but other hens have jumped 6' fence to greet her numerous times) and she is now in with the others so I want to just worm them all and get it over with(will have 37chickens to treat after I process 4 cockerels this weekend) POINT AGAIN... How much to dose TOPICALLY(IFcan be done topical) w/Ivomec injectable cattle/swine???????? confused??[​IMG] thanks
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    Hi chooniecat--

    Not too sure if I can help you because I use an oil-based cattle pour-on called Cydectin. (Talked to one of our vets years ago and he said that the active ingredients in all the (fill-in-the-blank)-ectins are the same....) The Cydectin BTW used on dairy cattle has zero days for milk discard, which I thought was pretty interesting...but I still go into a discard period when I worm my chickens.

    My stuff is purple BTW...oily so if it were to rain after cattle were treated it would not all be a huge waste.

    I use 5 to 6 drops on the Skin at the back base of the neck. Some of mine now it is really difficult to get the skin exposed because the feathers and down is so thick.... I put the stuff in an old eye-drops bottle and don't even bother with a syringe.

    I'd be a little concerned with the bottle if it is as old as you say...the effectiveness may be gone? The product, I WISH we had some wormers in the USA for chickens that killed ALL the types of worms....and all the horrible parasites on our chickens. I think these products come the closest. If you can translate Cydectin to Ivomectin doseage...maybe that will help. The elder vet I spoke with all that long time ago assured me that the product was pretty safe. I have seen however, a couple of instances where a double doseage to an animal had very bad results.

    There are threads here you could search for other people's discussion on the subjects if someone doesn't come up with the exact information.

    It would be a shame if someone jumped on you for asking a question about caring for your chickens....that isn't what this forum is for IMO. Good luck with it!!
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