I am raising wild African "Village Chickens" (crossing with RI Red layers etc), as well as quails an


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Nov 14, 2012
Zambia, Africa!
I have learned quite a lot browsing the forum and hope to contribute from my interesting experience doing it here in Africa too.
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Greetings and welcome aboard!
Good luck with your quail and "village chickens."
thanks I'm learning what I can, from the site, from experience here, in some pretty extreme circumstances which call for maybe out of the box solutions, as well as from the local africans.

redsoxs african "village chickens" are just a sort of wild local chicken, quite tough meat, take forever to mature, but for some reason the africans have a love for them, more than the broilers, so I breed them. I'll try post some photos when I get a moment.
PS. the redsox was a team I married into... when I married my wife she comes from a boston redsox loving family.. it was kind of a condition :)
Crossing RIR with the 'village chickens' should give you a bird that lays better and is somewhat meatier yet with the hardiness of the semi feral birds.
Those are very pretty chickens! Love that rooster's comb.
I'll try get a picture of that RI x African ..... One male came out and was scrawny, but the female is quite good and is laying now, crossed back with the local breed... 15 eggs & counting...

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