I am so excited!!!

Break an Egg

11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
San Antonio
I have to take a test tommorrow in the am and I had no one to watch my 3 yr old. I asked a nice neighbor lady and told her I was taking the test to try to be admitted in a 1 yr lvn course. She said no problem to watching my baby and she also gave me a bag full of nice scrubs that actually fit me. ( I'm a big girl) She said her daughter had the lap band surgery so none of it fit her anymore. Isn't God great? I just wanted to pick my neighbor up and give her a great big hug, but I'm kind of shy. The whole thing brought tears to my eyes.
What a terrific neighbor! Good luck on your test!

Thank you so much. I took a test yesterday that was 12 mins long. I had to score a 17 to be considered for the LVN program and I made a 26!!! I was so happy. The admissions lady asked me why I didn't tell her that I am a smarty pants lol.

This next test is going to be about 3 hrs long. I'm so nervous.

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