I am so excited!


10 Years
Aug 17, 2009
Plant City, FL
Today my white leghorn Winnie let me pick her up! Normally she runs away but she actually let me pick her up and hold her!!! She was on the other side of the fence and I think she knew she did wrong
Her sister (whom I haven't named yet) still won't let me come near her. I hope she changes too.

This is a very exciting day!!
New chicks and Winnie let me pick her up!

I named her Winnie because she whines ALL the time. I would name her Whiney but I thought that name was kinda corny!

I Like That Story! I'm Hoping Mine Get That Way. I Used To Pick Them Up Soooo Much When They Were Little. They Don't Love It Now. However I Can Be Across The Yard And 'yell' Over To Them "cheep Cheep" And They Instantly Take Notice And Start Looking For Me. So That Gives Me A Little Hope They'll Come Around.

When I walk outside to make sure they are okay they come running to me. It's almost like a race who can get to me fastest. Winnie usually wins but Buffy (the Buff Orp) can run pretty fast too!

I used to pick them up all the time when they were babies but as they grew up their became flighty and not wanting me to hold them at all.

I hope yours start to do the same. It's a wonderful feeling to know that they trust you enough to pick them up. I love it!
My leghorn got nice after she started to lay. Is yours laying yet or maybe just close. Congrats for nice behaviors.
She was my first egg layer. I noticed she was more social able after starting to lay. The other Leghorn has just started to lay but she's not quite as friendly yet.

later today she flew over the fence again and i had to chase her around, until she hid under the 4-wheeler. She is super sneaky.

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