I am so frustrated, please help. =(

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May 9, 2015
I am a returning BYC member, my name was Chick-A-Dou-Dee (I can't remembe if I had hypens or not) anyway. At that time I used a PC along with my iPad and didn't have any troubles posting pictures. Now, with this new membership, I'm trying to change my Avatar and post pictures of my new additions and I can't. I now only have Apple products and am wondering if it's the Mac/iPad or is it that I'm a new egg less than 24 hours old, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong (which I find hard to believe because I'm pretty computer literate). Anyway can someone please help me? It would be great if I could get my original subscription back, but if not I understand - I hadn't posted in a while and I realize virtual space and all. Thanks so much!!
We don't delete accounts. You will need to know the exact spelling of your old account name and you will be able to go and request a new password.

I am also not finding a cookie match to any other usernames.

You will not be able to use certain features until you have participated a bit.
Once you remember your former username, please contact me privately to work it out or you can email support @ backyardchickens. com (remove spaces)
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