I am so mad right now.........:(


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May 12, 2010
I am so mad right now I could just scream
. So my birthday is on the 17th of this month which is like a week and a half away. So anyways my mother in law, sister in law and I was susposed to go get pedicures and they were going to pay for mine. Well today my sister in law had a dr. appointment and I guess on their way home from the dr. appt. they went and got one done.!!!
and their excuse for not taking me was that they didnt know if my hubby was going to get me one!! They know he will not get me one for my b-day.... He will get me something but I am almost positive he is not going to get me that. I have wanted to go do that for some time now and it was like they were rubbin it in that they got one say oh it felt so good..
I just feel like I could just scream.
I'm sorry.. i may sound mean. And i honestly am not trying to be.. but...
You shouldnt expect gifts anyways... sorry. Its just not right... and it sounds rather selfish.
I agree, but that was a bit rotten of them. Maybe they are planning a suprise and were just telling you that. You know how gifters love to get the giftee's goat prior to the gifting.
I'll third that comment... It's bad form to EXPECT people to give to or do for you. I think rather than be angry it might be a better idea to realize you might feel left out and disappointed that you were not included. And... ummm why can't you go yourself? I mean... it's not your b-day today... that's like 9 day's from now....

On the other hand it's a bummer to be left out. But hey... if you were pissy with me for something so small... I wouldn't want to take you. But of course if you came to me in a mature way and said "hey I know you didn't mean this to happen but I felt left out and disappointed that you went and had a pedi without me, Id really like to go with you for my birthday when you go back can I go with?" Well then Id feel like a big ol jerk....

See how being polite can work for ya?
If they had told you they were going to give you a pedi for your bday, and do a girls day out kind of thing, then that was pretty rude and i would be hurt too. tell your dh that you really want to have one, and maybe he will surprise you and give you one for your bday.
If they TOLD you that y'all were going to go together and they were going to pay for yours as a birthday gift then it is not just "expecting".

Maybe it was just an impulsive thing that they did and they didn't really mean to hurt your feelings or leave you out. I bet they are feeling a little guilty right now. I would just go myself. I always go for my spa days alone. I've had to wait around for other people before and I HATE waiting. If money is an issue then you can always see if your town has a beauty school. I've gone to one before and gotten a haircut, wax, facial, mani, pedi for under 40 dollars. As long as you're not having something drastic done to your hair then it's fine.

It sounds to me like the OP and these other two ladies had this planned. I don;t think she was expecting something that wasn't already discussed. I take it all back if I'm wrong.
IMO..it IS "expecting"..
Noone HAS to do anything for you..period..... (even if they said that they would.)..
Yes, it makes them jerks for going back on their word...... but still..
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Sounds like its more a case of hurt feelings than lack of pedicure.

I would be hurt too. My MIL (before I wrote her out of my life forever recently...sorry...I digress) used to do things like that too. And even to my kids. She would talk about a great trip that they could take and then weeks later she would be telling them about how she went to wherever. They were between the ages of 4 and 15 at the time. Some people just dont think.

If you were closer I would go with you for a Pedicure. I loooove them.

Happy early birthday. Dont let this get you down! (((hugs)))

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