I am SO relieved.

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    Apr 10, 2009
    This has been a heck of a week so far. Last Thursday, my daughter came down with some kind of stomach bug but was better by Friday night. Saturday night, I started feeling not so good and got the same bug as DD on Sunday. I had to call my friends and cancel our kid-free mommy time. One of my friends is also a daycare client and therefore she wasn't going to bring her son in on Monday regardless of my reassurances that I had already started to feel better but just needed to sleep until the next morning (my fever broke around 10 am). Monday, nothing really happened business as usual. DH came home from work saying that he had led the department on collections and dollars per hour (he works for high-balance, inbound collections for a cell phone company). Tuesday, DH comes down with the same bug that DD and I had already had and needed to rest all day as we had. Yesterday, DH calls me at 4pm saying that they were sending him home on suspension because he was not in compliance for the previous month. Compliance is this BS thing that the company has to control their employees. Basically, if you are on a long call and leave late for break it counts against your compliance. If you have a meeting with your coach and mark it as training instead of coching, it goes against your compliance. If you have bowel issues and need to go to the bathroom when it isn't your break, it goes against your compliance. I'm sure you guys are getting the picture by now. Anyway, he had already been written up by his coach for his compliance issues and this was the icing on the cake so to speak. He was to have a meeting today with his coach, one of the department managers, and a rep from HR. Immediately, I KNEW they were going to fire him no matter what he said or did in this meeting. Today, he went in and... kept his job!!! OMG! Thank you to all my guardian angels and God because I was praying like no ones business for the first 20 minutes of that meeting. Let me just mention that I don't normally attend church but I do try to have little "chats" to God throughout the day over various little things (thanking Him for the sun or the light rain to grow my plants, asking for help being patient with my overactive son, admiring the mountains that He built, that type of stuff). I'm so relieved that I can't even cry about it all yet.
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    [​IMG] Good news!
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    That is great news [​IMG] I'm glad to hear that things worked out for the better [​IMG]

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