I am SO ripped! *RANT*

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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Some background: Last fall we had a pretty bad storm rip through here. It took most of my porch roof. The porch is 20 x 60 so it was a pretty penny to replace. We charged the materials at Home Depot and did the work ourselves. It was about a grand to do and I hated charging that much BUT we had an $8000 credit limit and only had about $2200 on it with this charge. Then last winter when the financial crunch really hit hard, Home Depot started cutting credit limits. Understandable, right? They also started raising the rate they charge, not so understandable --for me at least. We switched to cash.

    Fast forward: Every fall we have to sweep the roof several times to get rid of all the acorns that fall from the 4 big oaks that surround the house. So last week when we heard the acorns starting to fall, we broke out the brooms and climbed up there.

    This is what we found:


    Now remember this roof is only a year old!

    So we called Home Depot and after a few calls and talking to several different people, they did agree to give us a credit for the materials. Once we got that call yesterday, we climbed up there and spent the day stripping that roof down to bare wood. All the coverings are in a heap on the ground.

    Today we go into the store to pick up the new roofing materials. Money is tight, so we decided to charge them. After all we'd just gotten a credit for $1000+, right? Not quite. Oh, they gave us the credit, all right. But THEN they lowered our credit limit by another thousand dollars. We now have an available credit amount of $58!

    Now I don't deny they have the right to do this. But, DANG, if they had just TOLD US this is what they were going to do, we would not have stripped the old roofing off. It wasn't the greatest but it was still better than bare OSB!

    It's supposed to rain tomorrow. We would have had the roof paper up by then.

    I think my blood pressure is well over 200 at this point. Talk about feeling screwed!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. wyliefarms

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Bummer deal! Hope all works out in the end.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    Holy crap!!!!

    I would be spitting nails right now.
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    Dec 16, 2008
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    I am sorry to hear about that. It may be that the media might be your friend in this instance. Thats exactly the kind of story they like to push right now. I know you need your roof right now though. Let us know what you wind up doing.
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    Do you have a plastic tarp to cover it? I know how frustrating that is! What kind of crap did they sell you anyway, looks like old roofing material from years ago that was on the bottom of the pile. [​IMG] geez
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    That is just wrong. They were just mad because they indeed owed you a refund.
    I would keep calling them and telling them that what they have done is wrong. I might do as the other posted stated and contact the media.
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    [​IMG] Sorry that happened to you. Did you try calling them and asking if they can extend your credit line to cover the cost of the supplies? Sometimes they are more than willing to do so. [​IMG]
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    Home Depot is famous for treating their customers poorly. Google it.
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    Oct 18, 2007
    Store credit cards are such a rip off. I always use the credit card from my bank, the interest rates are much more reasonable (with the exception of Lowe's who offer either $ off a big purchase or no interest for 6 months)

    At least you got a credit for those shoddy materials, that probably doesn't make you feel better about having a bare roof with a rainstorm coming!

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