I am still confused about worming - PLEASE HELP


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Sorry to bother you but I am so confused by all of the replies on how to and when to worm.

Reading all of the replies can be so confusing I think I am going to go bonkers.
Could you please help me. I am planning on starting my worming with wazine this morning unless otherwise directed.

I was reading older posts and newer post about worming. I bought "Wazine" AND "Valbazen". I had planned on using wazine first and then in ten days use valbazen and after ten days do it again. Holding back the eggs for the 30 days. Most people stated that if I used a powerful agent first it could cause a blockage and severe problems with my chickens. Then I had people telling me that it didn't matter, to use the valbazen first.

Since you are the experts, could you please advise me on which way to worm my chickens? I certainly don't want any harm to come to them and I don't want to loose anymore. Is it going to be bad for them if I put the Wazine in their water for 3 days or should I just forgo it all together? Like I said I DO have both products.
I am seeing 1/4 size rice looking things in their poo. Not all are infested, but I want to worm all for health reasons. If one has them it's just a matter of time before they all do.

Also, I have 2 cochin hens born May 19th and 1 buff orpington roo born May 21st. They are 7 months now. First eggs Dec 13th. Are they too young to worm or at what age can I worm them. They are kept in a separate pen inside the main pen and have zero contact with the older birds.

Oh, by the way, how much of the wazine do I use and is it possible to give it to each bird individually instead of in the water? I have 4 bantam am game and I don't want them to overdose themselves. I also have a barred rock hen that would rather play in the water than drink it.

I know for the valbazen it is .05 ml for standard and .25ml for bantams. Please correct me if I'm wrong about the amounts.

Thank you for your expertise, I really appreciate it.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.
I did PM him but to no avail. He must be out of town or something. I will check out your board.

Thank you very much, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours.

No problem
Happy New Year to you too!
the clogging with the more powerful stuff will only happen if you're birds are VERY heavily infested, I don't think you'd really have much to worry about as far as that goes.

I would use the wazine first, one oz to every gallon. Put it in the water, they will not overdose, each bird can only drink so much. After 10 days dose with the valbazen, it kills a wider variety of parasites. You can do one final round of wazine in the water 10 days after that and I would imagine that would knock them out. You technically don't have to worm them the third time, but it really can't hurt. Definitely worm all of the birds, they are likely all infested. I'm not familiar enough with the valbazen to give you any advice about dosage, sorry. Good luck and Happy New Year!
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Thank you very much for the advise. I will go out right now and start the process.

As far as valbazen, the dosing (from dawg53) is as follows; large fowl = 0.05ml (pea size serving) and small fowl = 0.25ml (a bit smaller than pea size).

I hope that helps you for future knowledge.

Happy New Year to you and yours
I am sure you all mean .5 ml for large fowl.

Not .05 which is less than .1 ml.

see post #5

Some on BYC use water to dilute it a little for better gut coverage. For example, take 2 ml of valbazen and put it with 6 ml of water. This makes 8 ml = 2ml dosing. Or 4 ml = 1 ml dosing.

So for a dose of 1/2 ml valbazen you would use 2 ml of your mixture. Better coverage. Just be sure to put in in a piece of bread or give alongside the beak and let them drink it in to avoid aspiration.
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You are correct. It was a type-O, which I guess could have been a real bad mistake.

Thank you for correcting me.

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