I am such a pushover sometimes....

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Cindiloohoo, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Cindiloohoo

    Cindiloohoo Quiet as a Church Mouse

    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    So my daughter wants a snake, and I want to get rid of some of the animals on the farm so that I can manage what is left and keep my full time job(not REALLY, but we need the cash) so what do I do?!?!? We go to the flea market after church(an AWESOME message I might add [​IMG] ) where there just so happens to be a guy with a snake and a bunch of ducks...so we get to talking about me downsizing etc. etc. etc. and about selling him all but my Muscovy pair next weekend...but then it turns into.....I TRADED 3 goats(which I also need rid of) 3 drakes, and 3 ducks, for a Ball Python for DD for Christmas [​IMG] ...which she will get NOW instead of at Christmas....I am such a sucker! But...it works out for all of us. The guy can make some cash, I have 8 less mouths to feed, and DD is on CLOUD NINE [​IMG] PLUS...get this... PLUS....I got her to CLEAN HER ROOM [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] thoroughly clean even!!! [​IMG] So how was your day? Any cool trades? Sweet deals? Awesome [​IMG] Sunday sermons?

  2. Break an Egg

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    Mar 17, 2008
    San Antonio
    My day has been great. For so long now (it's emarassing to admit) I have not had a working radio in my 94 dodge caravan (nice huh) [​IMG] and so DH surprised me when he was supposed to be doing some routine maintenance. He said there is an emergency so I walked to my driveway and there was my van with the doors open blasting Metallica. [​IMG]

    So he istalled a cd player in my old rusty (but trusty) van. I was so relieved it was a good surprise instead of an emergency. [​IMG]
  3. calicokat

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    Apr 2, 2009
    azalia, indiana
    I too bargained for a DD to clean her room!

    She found a great halloween costume at Goodwill. She only had $7 towards the $20 it cost (yeah, my GW over prices stuff!) So, "Mom will you pay the rest if I clean my room?" Me: "Ok, BUT - It must be clean to MY Standards, and you can't have the costume until it's done - it will hang in the hallway and taunt you until then"


    Best of all, turns out it was half price - she only lacked 3 bucks! Now she's mad that she owes me a clean room for only $3 [​IMG]
  4. Cindiloohoo

    Cindiloohoo Quiet as a Church Mouse

    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    Quote:Oh my goodness! That is SOOOO SWEET! Congrats girl! Husbands can be just adorable sometimes! Sounds like you got a keeper [​IMG]
  5. Cindiloohoo

    Cindiloohoo Quiet as a Church Mouse

    Dec 19, 2009
    Southwest TN
    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] yeah I was just thinking a while ago...uh...what if the guy doesn't show up...DD will be FUMING [​IMG] ! Actually, so would I....but...he's pretty reliable so [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. TyrannosaurusChix

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    Jul 13, 2010
    Savannah, NY
    Glad you guys go tthe clean rooms!!! It really burns my kids' toast when i pay the other kid to clean their room! [​IMG]
  7. acid_chipmunk

    acid_chipmunk Polish Silkies d'Uccles O my!

    Mar 29, 2010
    Didn't have any awesome trades or sweet deals this weekend, but we have a hatch going on (my daughters chicks) [​IMG] and my Grandmother agreed to sew my daughter her Halloween costume if I buy the pattern and the fabric. [​IMG] I don't know about the rest of you, but it makes me ill to spend tons of money on a Halloween costume for one day. So, my daughter wants to be Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog and I found a pattern that is pretty close to the dress at the end. I figure, with my Grammy making it, it will be much sturdier, warmer and last a lot longer. This way she can also wear it to church and special occasions. It may cost me more for the material, but it will get much more use. Make sense to anyone else? [​IMG]
  8. rodriguezpoultry

    rodriguezpoultry Langshan Lover

    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK
    Yeah! [​IMG] We JUST finished cleaning out a barn that the owner said we can use for my Langshans. Best score of all? There are these HUGE steel cages that I'm sure were used for dogs that she said we can use. It will keep my birds safe by even MY standards! The only thing that can get in there is a tornado! [​IMG]

    AND, the "fee" for keeping my birds there is $10 for when they are not laying and free for when they are so they can eat the eggs! [​IMG]
  9. sunnychooks

    sunnychooks Songster

    Jul 21, 2007
    I met a woman at a sheep and fiber festival today who wants to buy my excess goat milk for her goat milk soap business!!! Yay! No more dumping milk!
    (I know... I hate doing it but we can only eat so much cheese!)

  10. Bantamlover23

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    Aug 6, 2008
    Chuluota, FL
    Quote:My weekend has been cruddy because I have an inner ear infection and I am antibiotics and steriods for it, but my church service was great and a friend of mine was baptised today. [​IMG]

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