I am SUCH an idiot!!!!!

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    I had two sets of eggs in the bator, so the set that's hatching right now went into the hatcher at about 3am Wednesday morning, and at the same time I chucked the last of the "bad" eggs...well, as I was staring through the hatcher window a little bit ago, I realized there's NO GREEN EGGS in there...there should be 2 of them! Which means I chucked two developing / near hatching eggs into the trash (which was picked up Wednesday morning, by the way) and put two of the bad eggs into the hatcher!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I feel SO bad! I know everybody makes mistakes, but for crying out loud! They were GREEN, how hard is it to tell them apart from BROWN ones?!??!!! I only hope that since it's cooled down so much here yesterday and today that they died in their shells before they hatched and suffocated in the plastic bag they were in! [​IMG]

    Ok, I'm done venting at myself...thanks for listening!
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    I'm sorry but we are olny human! [​IMG]

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