I am worried sick, think my hen is egg bound.


7 Years
Jan 8, 2013
HI, I have a sweet RIR hen.about 2 yrs old.
I noticed that she was walking funny and thought she had hurt herself jumping down from the roost............
Anyway, I did not realize she was eggs bound for several days...........
I have read everything I could find concerning the problem

Given her warm baths, massaged while in the bath, cleaned her well around the area and rubbed bag balm
into the vent.............given her vitamins, oyster shell and have her in a large dog kennel.
Nothing is happening . Anything else I can do or am I just going to lose her.
Also, her abdomen is very extended, like an overinflated balloon . I cannot feel an egg............
Thank You in advance for your advise.............
I feel for you.i have lost two red star hens in the last six months to internal egg laying.the other evening I gave my barred rock a calcium tablet with vitamin D.I dissolved it in water and syringed it in her mouth.she lay ed a soft shell egg within 10 minutes.Don't let her linger to long.
after my two red star filled up with fluid.i new it was time to put them down.I wish you the best of luck with your girl.

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