I believe we've got lice...DE or Sevin?


14 Years
Sep 19, 2007
Mid Hudson River Valley, NY
I took off my little chicken's apron and noticed tiny little white bunches on the underside. Easy to see with the dark fabric.
I suspect little lice eggs? Sound right?

I know I have to treat all... so the question is sevin or DE. I've sprinkled DE throughout the coop all winter, but not on the chickens. Should I use the DE first and see or at this point should I use the Sevin now and in two week and then follow up with DE in the future?

What's been your experience? Thanks
I would recommend Adam's Flea and Tick spray. 2 pumps on the butt, back and under each wing. you should also change the bedding and cover the coop floor with sevin dust paying special attention to the corners and cracks. This traement will not only kill the bugs but it will prevent reinfestation, repeat this treatment every 2 months.
Sevin...is this the same Sevin that I use for potatoe bugs when we have our garden????? I have that on hand...should I be using this in the coop?
yes it is the same stuff you use on the potatoes. Use 5% sevin dust. No it is not dangerous for the chickens. just make sure you don't get it in the chicken's eyes and keep them out of the coop till it settles.

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