I built an incubator, now what?

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    So, here's the deal. I have decided I want to take the plunge & get chickens. I have also convinced my kids (8, 7, 2) that they want them too [​IMG] I am a teacher & just cannot pass up the learning opportunity so we are starting from eggs. The plan is to get some eggs from Trader Joes to see how it all works before getting the eggs we really want. I have a few questions first. We built the styrofoam ice chest incubator. Do we need an egg turner? I know my kids would be super thrilled to do it. Also do you just lean them from 1 side to another or completely flip them? Do I lay them on their side right on the hardware cloth or upright with an egg carton? If we open it quickly to turn them will it mess up the temp & humidity too bad? I've research a lot, but I'm a total newbie so any info would be great!
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    You don't need an egg turner, when I don't use them I put a book under one side of an egg carton to shift the position of the eggs. They just need to be tilted so the embryo doesn't stick to a side. It will not affect your temp for more than a few minutes. I hatch upright in cartons even in lockdown. I have better hatches this way.
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    Quote:Those poor poor little kids... Giving in to those hatchaholic ways... LOL... They will love them... Let them hand turn them. Just take the egg, and a #2 pencil (teachers love #2 penciles) lay the egg flat, and write a big X on it.. Then roll it over till the X is on the bottom and write a big O on it. That away you can turn them all at the same time. All X's up, next turn all O's up.. ect.. 3 Times daily. and Yep just lay them flat on the wire floor.

    And [​IMG]
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