I built them a solarium!!!!!

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  1. So this being the 3rd winter with my girls, I think I know what they need.... right..... So my DH and I built them a little 'sunroom' on the outside of their coop for the winter. I wanted them to have an outside area without the winds and snow that they could still enjoy the sunshine and have a place to scratch. soooo here it is!~



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    Looks cozy--- Lucky chickens.
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    NICE! [​IMG]

    I'm actually thinking of doing something similar. Just outside the pop door, a little roofed area that will stay dry(er).
  4. It was easy once my DH tore MY version of it down (he called it the leaning tower of Pizza) and rebuilt it. [​IMG] Consisted of 12 2X4's, four pieces of polycarbonate plastic roof stuff, and two pieces of the cheap lattice at Home Depot. It ended up being 6 ft. X 8 ft. 3 feet high on the low end and 4 ft. high on the high end. did it for under $100. It was all egg money, so they paid for it them selves. DH doesnt have to know it is NEXT years egg money yet to come! [​IMG]
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    Awesome :D

    Is there something that keeps the snow from coming in the front?
  6. The opening is to the east and a touch north. Most of our wind and snow comes from the southwest and northwest. I have notices that the snow builds up only from the back and side of the structure. They will still have the sunshine from the roof (when i brush the snow off) and still get fresh air from the open side. I put bales of straw on the south side along the lattice to stop any snow from coming in too.

    I have solid sheets of the roofing stuff, so I am thinking in the summer i can put that on and remove the straw for a shaded cooler area.
    what's next? built in air conditioner???????


    Although DH friend tried to give us a window one last year and DH put his foot down on that one. [​IMG]
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    I draw the line at AC. I get one before them. :rant

    It's lovely!

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