I can't believe these eggs are developing!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by MuranoFarms, Jun 27, 2010.

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    A guinea went broody again. Every night I kicked her off the nest and every morning she went back. She was still laying though, and I did see her free ranging so she wasn't on very long till the last 2 days. (I took the fresh egg every day) The last 2 days she spent all day on there except nights so I finally just took all the eggs away (it was in the middle of the woods and we have predators, I didn't want her setting out there) I brought them in a stuck them in the incubator thinking nothing could possibly come of it, but why not!? So I candled them the next day......they look to be at least a week into development! She was off them every night! It gets into the 60's here at night, so it just doesn't make sense to me. There is definitely vein development!

    This just baffles me!
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    Good for you. Guinea eggs are amazing.

    My husband found a nest of 32 eggs a couple of weeks ago. We put them in the incubator and 30 are going strong. I found a nest of 25 yesterday so I will put them in the incubator today. I generally candle the eggs that we find before they go in the bator just in case there is a stinker in there.

    Guinea eggs ship really well also. Wish I could figure out why.

    Hope your eggs go all the way to hatch. I have around 50 keets that hatched in the last day. Those eggs are as hard as a nail and those little one get out of the eggs in no time flat. Must have to do with the harsh enviroment that guineas originate from.
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    thats cool that your guinea maneged to keep the eggs alive even though she didnt lay on them at night

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