I cant break this broody

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    Sep 23, 2009
    just about one year old BO hen. one of six BO's in a large coop and run. shes been hard broody for more then a week now. tried taking her out of the nest up to 10 times a day and putting her out in the run, no good. take away all eggs as soon as they are laid, no good. tried locking everyone out of the coop for several hours, she knocked over the water bowl and sat on it like she was gonna hatch it. tried putting her in a wire bottom cage, she was happy as a clam and still sitting. she fights and knocks the heck out of the other hens in they come near her nest. the other hens have to lay elsewere and then she steals and rolls the eggs to her nest. the eggs are getting laid all over the place now and getting broken by accident. the other hens are super ticked at her for taking the nice nest that when I do throw her out in the run they beat the heck out of her.

    what the heck else can I do to unbroody her. we were thinking of getting some more chickens later this summer, but they will be sexed young pullets, not eggs or day olds.
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    Put her in the cage, but seperate from others...not sure of your set-up...but I wire cage in my roofed in run, about 5 feet off ground, that way she cannot socialize. Kept her in there for 3-4 days. Worked for both a barred rock and a black australop that went broody. I agree that kicking them out of nestbox repeatedly does not work.
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    You have to use one of those methods for longer. The wire cage bottom takes a few days to work. It's the airflow under her that messes up the sensation, so no bedding in there.
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    AWWW Com'on! The woman wants eggs! I'd give her some fertile eggs (just a few) and let her be a momma!

    Sorry I don't break broodies I give em eggs! LOL total instigator.

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