I cant post pics


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Mar 13, 2012
Wolf Lake,IL
I've read the info post on how to post pictures. I guess there is supposed to be an icon at the top of the reply box. When I post I do not have any icons at the top of this box. Maybe my computer doesnt like me. lol Can anyone help me out.

That is a bit strange. Have you tried viewing the forum on another browser?
Kevin, great question asking!

There could be a lot of things going on. We ask that members try testing with a different browser (Google Chrome or Firefox... both are free) since that helps us to narrow down if the problem is with the browser, your computer, your account, or something else.
Hmmm.... then you might have some plugins or extensions running in IE that aren't playing nice with the site. In general we (BYC and developers around the world) suggest people move away from IE and use either Chrome or Firefox.
I was having the same issues a few weeks ago with internet explorer. I tried firefox and it worked. When I went back to IE a few days later it worked fine.

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