I can't stand the wait-I have a pip!!!!!!

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15 Years
Jan 13, 2007
Today is day 19 for my serama eggs there are 4 outta of the 8 that are alive(as of last night) I want them to hatch NOW ha ha ok I have been cheeping at the incubator good thing the neighbors can't hear me oh the little rascals are probably going to make me wait til thursday to hatch ugh temp is steady humidty is at 65% oh come out come out cheeps.

I have a pip!!! and peeping, now when I cheep I get a response maybe tomorrow I will have 4 baby seramas yipee I am going to have a hard time sleeping tonite:D
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Has it made any progress?
Still just a crack but the peeping is much longer, they are just torturing me. Maybe when I get home from work oh it is going to be a long day. I don't think I can take a day off to watch eggs hatch:(
I have 2 babies one is yellow and the other looks black they are still damp and the other 2 are pipped and chirping:D if they make it I think a 50% hatch my first time with seramas is pretty good, these eggs were shipped and I hand turn them. they are so cute will try to get pics soon.

update the total of babies is 4 the last one finally hatched today I was getting worried it had pipped yesterday and hadn't done much up until the time I left this am, when I got home around 7 was out and dry so out of 8 eggs 4 hatched. 3 of them are a whitish yellow and the other is blk with a white chest that one is very outgoing. I will post pics this wknd.
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