I can't take it ANYMORE....day 19

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    Oct 11, 2007
    I woke at 3:00 am my incubator has been steady until yesterday when we took out turner and added water ( we had to add ALOT to get humidity up, finally got it regulated about 8 PM) and temps were up 102.9 so I have been up since getting it regulated to 101.8-102.1 but I am supposed to take my nephew into the city to have an MRI done today and I don't want to leave, seriously thinking about making hubby take them, if I don't stay at home I am sure that something will go wrong. Temp spike, bottomed out humidity, them pipping without me etc Please help... I think I may plead a bad stomach to get hubby to take them it is his sister and her son.

    10:15 hubby is on his way to the MRI appointment and took both of our kids with him so I can have some ME time.
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    Woohoo! Good Hubby. hope your " bad stomach ache" gets better! LOL [​IMG]

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