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    Jul 14, 2011
    Engadine, MI
    Hi Everybody I entered a contest on facebook and I could use some votes for my picture I entered. Its easy to vote and free. And I would very much appreciate any and all votes.

    Just go to this page http://www.facebook.com/pages/C-Me-Bling/290049494339390 Like the page, then click on Photos and open the Contest Photos Album. My Pic is the 9th one (3rd one down on the left) and the Like my photo.

    Right now I am in third place and I need at least second to win. The Pic is of my first horse Gus who passed away just over 2 yrs ago and myself. Y=This was the last time I ever rode him at a show. I had him for 16yrs and I miss him everyday so I thought this might be a good thing to do for him Just to help others remember him too.

    Anyway thank you for reading this and voting if you can. Have a great day and Happy Holiday season [​IMG]
    Thank you again, Marcy
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    Done, good luck!


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