I declare war on the loose dogs.


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Dec 16, 2010
Last week, a dog or dogs, dug into my coop and killed all my chickens. When I got home from work, there was a hole dug under the gate of my backyard and one of my six dogs popped out to say hi to me. I first thought that my dog was the killer. I contemplated taking her behind the barn and putting her down the hard way. My wife was understandably upset about her chickens. She loved her chickens. I allowed the dog to live. I went out and looked at the hole was dug and came to the conclusion that the hole wasnt big enough for a labrador retriever. My wife saw three dogs running the road the other day. A medium sized mutt and two smaller terriers. I now have my suspects. Note to stray dogs: you want to live, stay away. Thanks, just needed to vent. Oh yeah, I buried field fence around the perimeter to deter any more digging.
I declared war on my neighbors dogs months ago. I have a useless AC officer who does nothing to fix the problem. I have already shot one but it did nothing to stop the problem. BTW it was only rabbit shot and over 50' away so did no real damage other than to make the dog yelp and let go of my hen.

I now have a trail cam set up watching the coop area for when I am not home and the they are only allowed outside with my and my 16g supervision. BTW loaded with deer slugs now. If I miss I miss but if I hit bye bye doggy.
before we could get dangerous dogs declared dangerous I got rid of a pitbull in town the clown who lived behind me thought it was funny to watch his dog chase me back into the house first thing in the morning animal control was no help the first step to doing it successfully is not to put it up on the internet what you are about to do the second thing is to do it quietly and the not telling anybody part is the hardest for most folks the problem going away is good enough for me me I told the guy who lived behind me I saw the dog catcher take his dog away . His wife told him to leave me alone LOL I should have talked to her he obeyed her LOL oh yea I did not have any more problems out of a dog that could truly not be controlled.There were a lot of people in that neighborhood that were much safer after that mess ended
The way this is written, it sounds like one of your dogs came out the hole that was too small to come out of???
A dog that chases you into your own house is probably legal to shoot in most any state. I only wish my neighbors pits tried that with me. However after repeat tickets issued to them for their dogs being at large they actually shot their own mutts. I don't know what state the OP is in, but here in Michigan you can legally shoot a dog that is harrassing your poultry.
FL Chickens - that is the best idea I've heard yet, even better if they don't see YOU pass them out. I hope there is a bit on there about being able to shoot to kill dogs that attack farm animals.

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