I did it AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Terri O, Jun 29, 2010.

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    I must confess that I have been a chick killer in the past...you see when the hen gives up on the nest I toss the eggs and have found living embryos and sometimes a day away from hatching chicks! So someone told me, "candle and look for movement." When my chicken gave up on the nest and took her 8 babies out this morning I took the eggs into the house and candled them. One was clear--a no brainer-I tossed it. THe other ones were DARK, very dark. I kept looking for a long time and saw no movement at all. I could see the air sac and nothing else. The eggs didnt fell rattley or loose when I shook them a bit. I figured they were rotten so I tossed them against a tree. OH OH! 1, 2 then 3 black chicks and then there was a white one that looked REALLY close. That one I grabbed and put under another broody just in case I could save it. (it died)

    So here is my question...I really dont want this to happen again! What should I see when I candle? Is there any way to tell a live egg besides that method? Every time this happens I feel so bad for a long time! Not like I really NEED more chicks but geesh...killing a BABY????
    Thanks! Terri O
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    I'm not especially experienced, but i put the eggs up to my ear and listen. Often i will hear chirping or pecking that lets me know this one is a good one.

    I've never tried to candle that late in the game, but i'm not sure i would be able to see movement at that point. Like you said, it's so dark!
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    Well...I guess I will just have to let the eggs sit...but if they get cold they will die anyhow...hmmm. Perhaps I will have to fire up the 'bator just to put the eggs in and see? At least then I wont have to look at those poor embryos any more![​IMG] Terri O (PS) the hatched chicks with their shared mamas are doing great...man those girls must be sisters! NOTHING is going to get at those babies!

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