I did it - got chicks again


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I was trying to hold off buying chicks until later in Spring, or when I got the new coop built, so I could use one of my current two coops with attached pens as Chick Habitat until they are large enough to join the adult flock.

But my favorite feedstore (Bradshaw Feed in Sacramento) actually got Welsummers this season.... I missed the first delivery (they go really fast) and told myself not to go there unless the store got more Welsummers. Yeah, sure. I visited once already after Chick Season started - Feb 11 - and asked yet again about Welsummers. I almost bought a few chicks, but decided I should wait "until there are some Welsummers so I can take them all at once." The staff has gotten to know me (which I think is amazing, because they MUST have a zillion regular customers - am I that memorable?) so when I called this past Thursday and they said they got in more Welsummers, I begged them to hold two for me. Just two chicks, please, please, please?

"We do not normally hold chicks, it's first come, first served, but I know you've been wanting them for over a years, so... yes, I'll save two for you."


That was Thursday. I told 'em I'd be there between 5:30 and 6 pm (closing time) on Friday, oh thank you, thank you!

Friday there was a rainstorm and traffic was HORRIBLE. I arrived at the store gate at 6:01 pm, as the worker was about to close the yard gate. He shook his head at me, I rolled down my window and said, "But he's holding two chicks for me!" "Oh, well, okay then."

I love Bradshaw Feed. They stayed behind to load chick starter, a heat lamp I wanted as a spare, 2 Welsummer chicks, 1 Barred Rock chick, 1 Rhode Island Red chick, and *ahem* 2 straight run Cayuga ducklings.

Then I drove home with the heat in the car on high, anxiously listening for the peeps to slow down and quiet as the babies got warmer.

Pictures in a few days - my camera doesn't take great shots with the infrared heat lamp "reddening" everything out.

The nursery is in the bathroom - I spend a lot of time sitting on the throne (seat and lid down) just watching the fuzzbutts. If I could fit a recliner in there, I would.


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Mar 26, 2009
Love it!
Enjoy those sweet fuzzy butts. Can't wait to see pics. I'm getting my babies wensday, I do the same thing I can sit for hrs and watch them.

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It's so nice when you have good service. I love my feed store too. (Auburn) They always ask me how my chickens are doing.

I've been in hiding, trying not to go in there since they got the baby chicks.
I already have 8 babies in the brooder (4 true ameraucana's, an olive egger and 3 BCM's) and hatching eggs coming next week. I have no more room right now for more chicks. (although it would be hard to pass up more EE's)

You're going to love the Welsummers. Mine are 18 weeks old, and I absolutely love them and they are beautiful. But it partially has to do with the fact that I hatched them.
I kept my welsummer cockeral so I can make more of them. (and olive eggers too) My BR just started laying again from molting, and her eggs are HUGE!

My youngest son is no help, he wants ducklings.

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