I do wish my polish cockerel would....

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    man up and take charge of his hens. It would even be okay if he crowed more than once a day - once a day is it, first thing when I let them out. Yeah his crow is horrible, sounds like a cross between a dying moose and a cat fixin' to urp up a hairball, but I won't stew him just because he has a horrible crow.

    He does need to take charge of his hens though. You'd think he'd get tired of daily butt whoopin's. Just now I saw him going at it with my SF hen. He wasn't bothering her, she's just cranky cuz she's molting. She ripped some of his crest feathers out.

    Ever had a rooster that didn't man up? He's over four months old now. Even my brahma roos were in charge by that age.
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    [​IMG] yea I had a EE RIR cross who never manned up. Lived bald for most of his life. [​IMG]
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    I would give him a little more time. mine had 2 pounds on each hen but didn't man up until he was about 6 or 7 months.

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