I don’t think she’s eating


6 Years
Aug 5, 2015
My 3 year old hen had an infected lump above her eye which was removed mid-July. Since then she’s been rubbing her eye a lot, although it’s slowing looking better and now hardly noticeable. The problem is when I was treating her for the eye she started eating less and less. Now I don’t know how she is staying alive. I see her drink, but can’t get her to eat anything. She does free range a few hours a day and appears to be foraging. Her crop is around the size of a tennis ball in the morning, but feels like a deflated balloon. A few nights ago it felt ping pong ball size, but much firmer, like a rubber ball. But the last few days it feels most squishy. She just tested negative for worms. She hasn’t laid for about two months. I have no idea what could be going on with her. Any advice is appreciated.
Here is a photo of her poop. It has looked tiny like this for weeks.


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I also wanted to add, she has no foul odor, or other signs of illness.

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